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The Sport of Canoeing

Canoeing is a type of paddle sport. In this type, the rider kneels or sits facing forward in an open or a closed-decked canoe. The rider propes the canoe using a single-bladed paddle.

outrigger canoe race outrigger canoe race

Sometimes, canoeing can be referred to both canoeing and kayaking. The common difference is that in kayaking, the riders are always seated and they use a double-bladed paddle, in canoeing, the riders kneel and they use a single-bladed paddle.

Canoeing as a sport was introduced by Scottish explorer, John MacGregor. He founded the Royal Canoe Club in 1866. The first canoeing competition, which was called the Paddling Challenged Club, was organized by the club in 1874.

Other forms of canoeing as a sport are: canoe racing, canoe polo, canoe freestyle (playboating), extreme racing, canoe marathon, canoe slalom, and surf skiing. Some recreational uses are: small-craft sailing, whitewater, sea kayak, and canoe camping.

Back in the early days of canoeing, canoes did not have seats; the riders knelt on the bottom of the boat.

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