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Pitton - hard racket badminton

Pitton is a racquet-based sport that is played with a hard pickleball paddle and a shuttlecock. The sport was derived from various aspects of pickleball and badminton. The first time pitton was recorded as being played was in Heatherwood Middle School in the United States.

Pitton is an indoor sport, played in a rectangular shaped court, that measures 44 by 20ft. The court is divided into two equal halves by a net in the middle. The height of the net used is 5ft 1in on the edges, and taper off to 5ft in the center. Each half is split into two zones horizontally by a line 6ft 6in from the net, and the rear zone is further split into two equal halves vertically. The doubles court extends 2ft further on all four sides. The court usually has marking for both singles and doubles.

There is no minimum requirement enforced on the height of the ceiling, but most courts used have at least 40ft high ceilings that makes it more suitable for playing.

A match can be played in singles or doubles format. the gameplay is similar to that of badminton, which is to strike the birdie (shuttlecock) onto the opponent’s side of the court without allowing it to fall on the ground.

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