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Peteca is known to be the traditional sport of Brazil, that is played with a hand shuttlecock. The game is played by hitting the shuttlecock with your hand over a high net, which has great similarity with a volleyball net, making the shuttlecock land inbounded on the opposite opponent court.

The shuttlecock can only be hit once while on each side of the net. This sport is being widely played in format of singles, doubles, male or females. However, peteca sport was usually played at the time of celebration along with songs and dances. Gradually, this amazing sport became more of a sport activity for the people.

Peteca shuttlecock image on a stamp from BrazilPeteca shuttlecock image on a stamp from Brazil

This sport is played to the best of the three game matches, whether in singles or doubles. The first player or pair who is able to score twelve points first wins the set. The time duration of this game is twenty minutes. If at the end of the time neither of the two sides are able to reach the required score, then the win is given to the team with the most points.

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