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Pencak Silat - an Indonesian Martial Art

Pencak Silat is a fighting sport which collectively encompasses martial arts of various styles originating from Indonesia. This form of fighting involves, striking, grappling techniques, and throwing. In addition fighters are allowed to use certain types of weapons. Pencak Silat involves full-body fighting, where any part of the body can be used and any part of the body can be attacked. This form of fighting originated in Indonesia as a means of self-defense and turned into a competitive sport. The sport has currently spread to many South Asian countries.

There are several styles of Pencak Silat currently being practiced, of which the six most popular areĀ  Minangkabau, Sunda, Betawi, Java, Bali, are Maluku. Some of the offensive moves that are commonly used are punches and kicks. Strikes with feet, elbow and shoulder are also often used. For defense, the most commonly used move is blocking, using hands, forearms, elbows or shoulders. Dodging and deflecting are also frequently used for defense.

International Pencak Silat Association (PERSILAT) is the highest governing body of the sport which conducts major international competitions. The Pencak Silat World Championship organized by PERSILAT, which is held every two or three years, is the highest level competition for the sport which sees the participation of over 30 countries.

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