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Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

Standup Paddleboarding is a type of paddle sport which originated in Hawaii. A person stands on a board and propels themselves through the water using a single-bladed paddle. It is a relatively new and fast-growing sport..

Stand-Up Paddleboard racing Stand-Up Paddleboard racing

Standup Paddleboarding is commonly performed as a recreational activity, on flat water such as lakes and rivers. Paddlers may also take boards surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids, do yoga and fishing.

Standup paddling has been around for a long time as a means of travel across water, but in the early 2000's the activity had a revival and SUP racing has become quite popular. Races are often between 5 and 10km. The races can be divided into categories based on equipment, experience, age and race type. Races can be very challenging, due to unpredictable water and weather conditions.

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