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Over-the-line is an outdoor team sport played with a bat and a ball, and has close similarities to softball and baseball.

Though the sport can played anywhere, it is mostly played on the beach. The playing field consists of a triangular region with a 17m axis, of which one side, called 'The Line', extends into an open ended rectangular region. The edge opposite to 'the line' is called the 'Home' from where a batter hits the ball. All regions are demarcated using ropes in competitive events.

In Over-the-line, unlike baseball or softball, the pitcher and the hitter are of the same team, and the opposing team just takes the fielding responsibility. The objective of the batting team is to hit the ball within the playing region away from a fielder.

A match is played in an innings format, similar to that of baseball, where teams alternate fielding and batting. Three outs results in the end of an innings. There is no base running in over-the-line, teams score 1 run for the third and every subsequent hits. A home run is scored by hitting the ball beyond the farthest fielder within the fair territory, which results in one run by itself, plus one run for each un-scored hit. A missed hit or a caught ball results in an out.

An annual World Championship is played for the sport which sees participation of over 1200 teams from various countries.

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