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Fast5 (formerly Fastnet)

Fast5 which is originally known as Fastnet is a popular variation of netball. The International Federation of Netball Associations introduced this new format of the game in 2008. This new format was developed specifically for an international netball competition, popularly known as the World Netball Series.

In Fast5, each side has only five players on the court in contrast to the seven players in a normal netball competition. Every quarter of this sport lasts for only six minutes as compared to fifteen minutes in a normal international netball competition.

Coaches in this sport are allowed to give instructions to their players from the sidelines during gameplay. Teams are allowed to make rolling substitutions without stopping the gameplay. Each team nominates a power play quarter, in which every goal scored by that team is counted double. Two teams cannot take the same quarter and nominate it their power play. If the scores are tied at the end of the game, the winner is decided by penalty shoot-outs, following a similar format to penalty shoot-outs in association football.

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