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Beach Netball

Beach Netball is a new variation of netball, following a recent trend of making beach versions of popular sports. Beach netball is based on the rules and regulations of regular netball, though differences include playing on a half-court marked out in the sand rather than a hard court surface, and there are no field restrictions and all players are able to shoot for goals.

beach netball court

beach netball court markings

Beach netball games consist of two 5-minute halves, and substitutions can be made at any time. Each side has only five players on the court, in contrast to the seven players in a normal netball competition, with two allowed in the goal square at any one time (one male and one female if playing in a mixed team).

There are no set positions or thirds, so players can move around and pass the ball as required. Diving on the ball and passing the ball from the ground is also allowed.

There is only one scoring net. Each team has to cross over the traverse line before they can score. Once the ball crosses the traverse line it becomes their court, and they can score from within the goal square for 1 point, or outside the goal square for 3 points. Anyone can score and shoot from anywhere.

Once a team scores a goal the opposing team starts with the ball behind the end goal line, though need to cross the transverse line before they are able to score.

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