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KROLF - a mix of croquet and golf from Denmark

Krolf is a sport that can be best described as a mix of croquet and golf (a combination of the Danish words 'kroket' (croquet) and 'golf'. The sport was invented in Denmark, and is played with the same equipment as for croquet; mallet and a ball, and the gameplay is similar to that of golf; putting the ball into a hole. The sport is played at a recreational level by people of all ages and is particularly popular among senior citizens.

A krolf course consists of 12 holes, each with a distance of 5 to 30 meters from the tee line to the hole. Flags are mounted on each hole to for better visibility. Some or all the holes in the course will have obstacles like, trees, bushes, or stones.

A game can be played with up to six players. On each hole, players take turns to strike the ball once until all the players have finished the hole. Players then move on to the subsequent holes until all the 12 holes are complete.

Each player carries a scoreboard in which they make a note of the number of strikes for each hole. Similar to golf, the player that completes the entire course in the fewest number of strikes is the winner. 

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