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Kolf or Kolven

Kolf (also known as Kolven) an indoor sport from the Netherlands, the aim is to get a ball as close to a pole as possible with rings marked on the ground around the target used to determine the score. The game is mostly played in small villages of the Northern part of North Holland.

Kolf takes place indoors on a 17 by 5 meters solid court, with a wooden post at each end serving as the target. There are lines on the ground around the post for scoring. In kolf the ball is close to a baseball in size, and is typically made of rubber, though older balls are made of leather. The ball is hit with a club, known as a kliek, the shaft made from wood with a heavy metal head.

Kolf is historically linked to the extinct Dutch sport of kolven, which is sometimes also called kolf. Over time the playing area of the outdoor sport was reduced in size, eventually moving to indoors, becoming the modern game of kolf. 

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