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Jorkyball is a variation of indoor association football, played on a pitch enclosed on all the sides usually by glass walls. Jorkyball was invented in France in the late twentieth century. It is currently played in only nine countries in the world including France.

The sport is played in a 10m x 5m field which is enclosed on all the sides, mostly by glass walls. The court has two square goal areas, 110 x 110 cm in size, one at each end. There is a small area across the width of the court in front of both goalposts called the kickoff area. The ball used is similar in size to that of a handball.

Jorkyball is played between two teams with just two players on each team. One player is a striker and the other plays defense. The defensive player is not allowed to play beyond the team's half of the court. The striker cannot enter the opponents kickoff region. Players are allowed to strike the ball only with their feet, and are allowed to use the walls for passing and striking goals.

Unlike football, the game is played in racket sports format. A match is played for best of three sets, where each set is played for seven goals. A team to win two sets first is declared the winner.

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