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Cageball is a variation of indoor soccer, played on a pitch enclosed on all sides by high walls. The sport was invented by German football coach Jörg Berger in order to play football indoors during wintertime. He has ben quoted as calling it "street soccer on artificial turf".

The sport is different from some other indoor versions of soccer as the field is fully enclosed by a cage. This way, the ball is always in play (there is no out-of-bounds), which results is a faster and more dynamic game, and putting greater emphasis on football technique.

The playing surface playing field is usually 24x15 meters, covered in artificial turf. There is a one-meter high solid wall all around, with a net extending another four meters upwards. Teams consists of three field players and a goalkeeper.

indoor soccer with a wall for the sidelineindoor soccer with a high wall for the sideline

Normal football rules apply when it comes to fouls and deliberate use of the hands. There is no offside, no throw-ins, no goal kicks. Free kicks are taken immediately.

The unrelated Cage Ball is also a term used for Pushball.

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