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Jereed is a traditional Turkish team sport of the equestrian discipline in which the objective for players on each team is to throw blunt wooden javelins at players of the opposing team.

A match is played between two teams with 6, 8, or 12 players on each side for two 45-minute periods. The sticks used for the sport are usually dried oak sticks about 70-100 cm long with rubber tips.

The field used is a square with sides 70-100m. At the start of the match players from both the teams stand and the ends of the field facing each other. Each player from one team is spaced about 10m from one another.

At the start the youngest player form one team will ride towards the other team, and from about 30 or 40m, will call out a name of a player from the opposing team and throw the stick towards that player and ride back. The player from the opposing team will try to chase down the first player and try to strike him. The chasing and striking will continue back and forth.

Points are awarded to teams if they are able to strike the opponents, catch a jareed thrown at them, or ride out the opponents. Points are deducted for striking the horse and throwing the jareed from less than 5 meters. The team with the most points at the end of the match is the winner.

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