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Horseball is a team sport of the equestrian discipline, where players on horseback try to throw a ball through a ring. The sport resembles a mix of polo and basketball, and is said to have derived from Argentina’s national sport Pato.

A horseball match is played on a rectangular field, about 65 meters by 25 meters, between two teams with four players on each team. The ball used is similar in size to that of a football, with six handles around it to aid easy grabbing of the ball while riding.

The objective of the sport is to shoot the ball through the opponents ring. Teams are required to make a minimum of 3 passes between 3 different players before scoring a goal. The team that defends can gain possession by forcing the other team's horse out-of-bounds, or by grabbing hold of one of the ball's handles for at least 3 seconds while the ball is still held by an offensive team player.

a horseball with handles a horseball with handles

International Horse-Ball Federation, the highest governing body of the sport, organizes several international tournaments every year, the most notable of which are the European Championship and the World Championship.  There is also an annual club level tournament, FIHB Champions League, conducted every year and contested by top club teams in Europe.

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