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Fishing Line Casting - A Sport

Casting is a major aspect of angling, involving the act of propelling the fishing line and attached bait or lure into the water. As fishermen experimented with different techniques to cast farther and farther with accuracy, this resulted in the development of a sport of its own. The objective of the sport of casting is to test the accuracy and distance of a cast.

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The technique used for casting varies with the type of fish involved. Fly fishing uses lighter rods and casting involves the motion of hands and arms. Heavier rods are used for salt water fishing, and casting requires the motion of the entire body.

The sport is played on water bodies, or on outdoor fields with artificial goal pools. Real fishing rods and plastic weighted baits are used.

Casting sport has several classifications for all types of fishing, some of which are, fixed spool, revolving spool, and single handed casting. In competitions, each angler is required to cast towards several targets at varying distances. The angler to cast closest to the entire target is declared the winner.

International Casting Sport Federation is the highest level governing body of the sport that conducts several tournaments. Casting sport is included as a part of the World Games. The annual Casting Championships held in the United States is a major tournament conducted for the sport.

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