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Croquet (Association)

Association croquet is a popular version of croquet (known as wickets in the United States), played on grass in which the objective is to hit plastic or wooden balls with a mallet, hitting the balls through hoops embedded in the grass. There are only two forms in which the rules are agreed internationally and are played worldwide: association croquet and golf croquet. Association croquet is also known as "international-rules" croquet.

Association croquet is the main competitive version, where players can take multiple shots in one turn as long as they either hit the ball through the correct hoop or hit another ball. Upon hitting another ball, the player must play his next shot with the two balls touching; the "Croquet Stroke", from which the game takes its name. The winner is the player who, with each of his balls, runs each hoop twice in order and strikes the center peg.

Croquet competition Croquet competition

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