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Capoeira is a form of martial art that originated in Brazil which has a combination of aspects of dance moves, acrobatics, movements and music. The origin of the sport is not very clear, but it is believed African slaves in Brazil played a part in the development of Capoeira.

As a competitive sport, Capoeira is played in a game format. A game can be played anywhere, but it is usually played in a field, called Roda, where the playing field is surrounded by musicians with their musical instruments.

Ginga is the most fundamental movement used in a game, that involves keeping the body in a constant state of movement. Capoeiristas only attack when an opportunity arises. Some use fakes to mislead opponents into an attack, and then follow it up with a strong counter-attack. Attacks in capoeira are mostly made with the legs. Some of the moves used are swirling kicks, leg sweeps, and knee strikes. Elbow strikes and punches are also occasionally used. Head strikes are also used, but it is primarily used as a counter-attack move.

Capoeira in the streetsCapoeira in the streets

In games though, capoeiristas don't usually focus on knock downs, but just display superior skills. It’s often very common to see kicks to the head or other targets slowed down just inches before.

Although Capoeira is usually practiced in a non-competitive way, there is still a World Championship in Capoeira Sport, organized by the World Capoeira Federation (WCF).

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