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Para Badminton is the sport of badminton played by disabled athletes. Badminton is an indoor racket sport, involving hitting a feathered shuttlecock over a high net. The rules and competition play are essentially the same for para-badminton and badminton.

There are adaptations and modified rules to account for some disabilities. As in badminton, athletes compete in men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

para-badminton game para-badminton game

The Badminton World Federation organizes the Para-Badminton World Championships every two years. There are competition events in six different classes: two wheelchair classes, two standing classes for lower limb impairment, one standing class for upper limb impairment, and one class for short stature athletes.

Sitting badminton is another version of badminton for disabled athletes, though it is not a sport at the World Championships or Paralympics.

Para Badminton was included in the Paralympic program for the first time in Tokyo 2021.

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