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AirBadminton is a racket sport, a variation of badminton. This new exciting format of badminton is designed to be played outdoors on any surface, by people of all ages and all abilities. Crossminton is another variation of badminton suitable for playing outdoors.

Air badminton uses a specially developed AirShuttle, rather than the feather shuttlecock used in regular badminton. The AirShuttle is more durable and therefore suitable for outdoor play, and heavier (8g vs 5g) so that it more suitable to be used in windy conditions.

Air Badminton Airshuttle Air Badminton Airshuttle

The rules of play are very similar to regular badminton. The main difference is the design of the court, and the equipment used. Games can be played in singles, doubles and triples format. First to 11 points per game, best of five sets per match.

The AirBadminton court is 16 meters long, compared to the 13.4 meter indoor badminton court. The court has a 2m dead zone at the front of the court on either side of the net, in order to encourage away from the net area. The top of the net is set at 1.5m above the surface of the court.

As the AirShuttle is heavier, the racket string tension should be greater, and thicker string is recommended.

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