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Crossbow Archery

Crossbow archery is a sport of the archery discipline in which a crossbow is used instead of a regular bow. The sport is divided into two major types, match crossbow and field crossbow, depending on the style of shooting.

archery crossbow crossbow

Regardless of the type of event, there are two major formats in which competitions are conducted, a 10m match and a 30m match. In the 30m format, the target is placed 30 meters away and competitors will have to take shots both from a standing position and a kneeling position. The 10m format is a highly technical event which takes places on indoor ranges. Competitors shoot at targets that are 10m away in a standing position.

A black and white target card is used for both formats, same as the targets used for Olympic air-rifle shooting. Competitors take one shot per card and the same bolt is shot repeatedly. In both formats, each player gets to take 60 shots. The top eight competitors with the highest score will move on to the final championship round where each get ten additional shots. The competitor with the highest total score for all 70 shots is the winner. If multiple competitors have the same score after 70 shots, they continue firing until a winner is decided.

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