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Field Archery

Field archery is one of the more popular adventure and competitive sports played by professional and non-professional archers all around the world. In field archery the shooters aim at 28 targets in a wilderness/nature environment in a sequence, shooting 4 arrows at each target.

an archer from Cyprus an archer from Cyprus

Each of the targets are set at different distances and angles and must be shot either up or down depending on the kind of target.

There are three types of shooting done in this sport, which are field, hunter and animal. The most commonly shot rounds in this type of archery are "Field" and "Hunter" rounds.

In field rounds of this sport the targets are placed at a distance of 80 yards. In hunter rounds the targets are placed at a distance of 70 yards. The targets also vary in size depending on the round being shot at it as well as the distance. Because of the rocky, unsteady terrain of field archery, it makes it significantly more difficult than the flat targets shot at in target archery.

Events of these sports are shot according to the rules defined by the International Field Archery Association (IFAA).

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