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Golf Fitness - Is Fitness Training Necessary?

For some people, golf is just a leisure game. However, for many others it is a sport in which they strive to be the best they can be, and golf demands a higher level of specific conditioning if you want to play your best.

In a previous poll on this site, there was great debate on whether golf is a physically demanding sport. One responder suggested a way to increase the difficulty - "Well ... I know how hard it is to play a round of 18 holes in a day ... but as a non-elite golfer ... I carry my own bag!".

But realistically, there are certain fitness requirements that enable a golfer to perform to their maximal ability. For example, the success of Tiger Woods has been partially attributed to his physical fitness training regimen. Previous to this, the 'shark' Greg Norman was also known for his superior fitness over many of his opponents. There is enough evidence to suggest that fitness training and testing of golfers is warranted. 

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Golf is a popular recreational game around the world. There are many ways to play golf. It is played by legends of the sport at the Olympics and the Majors. You can use Psychology, Physics, and Technology to improve your game. Fitness and Fitness Testing can fine-tune your performance, Nutrition to fine-tune your body.

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