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Australian Football is the national game of Australia. Although Australian Football is the official name, the sport is commonly called Australian Rules Football or Aussie Rules, AFL (after the name of the national league) or just football or footy. Outside of Australia it is mostly played by expat Australians. There are many Australian Football leagues around the world, including some in Europe and North America.

What is it?

AFL is played using an oblong leather ball, which is kicked and handballed. The aim of the game is to score goals (worth six points) and behinds (worth one point) through tall white goalposts at each end of the field. The field is also oblong in shape and varies in size but is no less than 200m long, requiring large amounts of running during the game. The game duration includes 25 minute quarters, plus extra time after each quarter. It is a fast-paced game with player interchanges available throughout the game. Different positions in the team will dictate how mobile and agile the athlete will need to be.

Aussie Rules!

In 1996, Aussie Rules reached number one and in doing so pushed out swimming as the sport most Australians attend, participate in, watch, listen or read about. Swimming is Australia's second most popular sport, with cricket, rugby league, football, rugby union, motor car racing, golf and netball rounding out the top 10. (see about Most Popular Sports in Australia)

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