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Highlights of the Commonwealth Games

Each Commonwealth Games has provided some great athletics feats and other highlights. Here are some of the memorable moments in Commonwealth Games history

The Miracle Mile - 1954

1954 Games in Vancouver was host to a special mile race. The ‘Miracle Mile’, as it became dubbed, saw both the gold medalist, Roger Bannister of England, and silver medalist, John Landy of Australia, run sub-four minute races in an event that was televised live across the globe for the first time.

Here is an excerpt from "Australia’s Complete History at the Commonwealth Games" by J. Blanch & P. Jenes, 1982:

"The one mile, on the last day, August 7, was run in stifling 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius) heat. Landy ran the first lap in 58.2 seconds, with Bannister fifth in 58.9 seconds. At the half-way mark, Landy was keeping up the pace, running 1-58.2 to lead by seven yards (6.40m) from Bannister. At the bell, Landy had run 2-58.4 and Bannister had closed the gap to two yards (1.83m). When Landy led into the final straight, he glanced to his left while Bannister sprinted by to his right to win in 3-58.8. Landy’s time, in finishing second, was 3-59.6."

Australian runner John Landy, who came second to Roger Bannister in the Miracle MileAustralian runner John Landy, who came second to Roger Bannister in the Miracle Mile (image source: Argus Newspaper Collection, State Library of Victoria.)

2022 Commonwealth Games

One of the great highlights of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham was the women's 10km run on the track. Scottish distance runner Eilish McColgan won the event to great applause from the British crowd, replicating the feat of her mother Liz McColgan who won the same race in 1986 and 1990. Not only did she win, Eilish broke her mother's Commonwealth Games record for the event.

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