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Commonwealth Winter Games

The Commonwealth Winter Games was a winter version of the Commonwealth Games, focusing on snow and ice sports played in winter time. Considering the Commonwealth Games held around the same times were called the 'British Empire and Commonwealth Games' or 'British Commonwealth Games', then these events should possibly be referred to as the British Commonwealth Winter Games.

The Games were founded by T.D. Richardson, a former winter Olympian in pairs ice-skating. These Games do not seem to be officially sanctioned by the Commonwealth Games Association, though the aim was to create an event that would one day be a major winter sports event along the lines of the Winter Olympics.

Three editions of the Games were held, in 1958, 1962 and 1966 (and possibly in 1970). All were held in St. Moritz, Switzerland - a surprising choice considering it has no association with the British Empire.

A Winter Games was also proposed for 2010 in India to complement the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. It was due to be held in Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, however, the event did not come to fruition.

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