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Basic Rules of Netball

The aim of a game of netball is to score goals by throwing the ball through a ring, located in the opposition's goal circle. Goals are only scored if the ball is thrown from within the circle. The team with the highest number of goals at the end of the game is the winner.

The ball moves from player to player through passing. Players are not allowed more than 1.5 steps while carrying the ball, and cannot hold it for more than three seconds at any time. Players have designated areas on the court which they cannot move out of. Defensive players cannot obstruct the opposition player with the ball - the must be more than one meter away.

The court is divided into thirds, with players allowed to only move within one or two thirds sections of the court, except the center who can enter all thirds.

children's netball game Children's netball game

There are seven players on each team, and each must wear a "bib" showing one of the abbreviations for their playing position. The playing positions and abbreviations are:

The game is divided into quarters of 15 minutes duration. At the start of each quarter and after a goal is scored, play restarts from the center of the court with a 'center pass'. The possession of the ball for the center pass alternates between the teams, regardless of which team scored the last goal.

No substitutions are allowed during play, except for injury and after each break.

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