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Collegiate Wrestling

Collegiate wrestling is a style of amateur wrestling that is practiced exclusively in the United States, at a collegiate level. This style, like many others, has its origin from catch-as-catch-can wrestling. In collegiate wrestling, it is legal for players to use their legs for offense and defense. The objective is the same as other styles of wrestling, where a player tries to pin down the opponent.

A match is played in a three periods format, for a total duration of seven minutes. Overtime periods are used if necessary when the scores are tied at the end of the match.

A match starts with both players in the neutral position. At the start of the second and third periods, players alternate taking the offensive and defensive positions. Points are awarded for takedowns (2 points), Escapes (1 point), Reversals (2 points), Near fall (2 to 4 points), Penalties (1 or 2 points), and Time advantage (1 point). If the match does not end in a Win by Fall, the points scored by players are used to determine the winner.

wrestling match wrestling match
Collegiate wrestling season begins in October every year and runs through March the following year. Most competitions are conducted as dual meets where teams from two colleges compete, or as tournaments where teams from multiple colleges compete

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