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Vovinam, which is Việt Võ Đạo in Vietnamese, is a Vietnamese Martial Art. Vietnamese see it as a national pride, just like Tae Kwon Do for the Koreans, and Karate for the Japanese. Vovinam is a martial with elements from different martial arts, like kicks from tae kwon do, grapples from hop kido, and throws from Judo.

Vovinam may be practiced with or without weapons. These weapons vary and they come from China, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan. The martial art was developed by Nguyen loc in the 1930’s. His goal was to provide practitioners with an efficient method of self-defense after a short period of time.

The self-defense techniques Vovinam teaches covers defense against weaponless attacks, like choking from behind, and defense against attacks with weapons, like knives and swords, and other sharp objects. There was no official uniform until 1964. The Council of Masters decided the color blue should be used for Vovinam uniforms.

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