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Crossnet Volleyball

Crossnet volleyball is a relatively new sport that combines elements of both volleyball & four-square. It is like 4-square played in the air. The sport uses a four-way net that is height-adjustable (between 7'4" to 7'11"), and quick and easy to set up. It is suitable to play anywhere, though the sport is usually played on sand or grass.

Crossnet games involve at least four players. A game starts with a player in each of the four squares, and nay additional players line up for the fourth square. The aim of the game is to eliminate players in higher squares, with each player's main objective being to reach the highest square. Eliminated players move to square 1, or if there are more players, to the end of the line. When a player is in the number one square, points are earned, the overall objective is to score a total of 11 points (and win by 2).

crossnet volleyball crossnet volleyball

The player in square 4 starts, hitting the ball diagonally across to square 2. The ball can then be hit to any square. The basic rules of volleyball mostly apply, though only one hit is allowed per player. The game continues with players rallying until one of the players is "out" and must return to square 1 or the back of the line, while the rest of the players rotate into the empty space in a clockwise direction.

A player is out in the following instances:

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