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Varzesh-e Bastani / Pahlevani

Varzesh-e bastani, also known as varzesh-e pahlvani, and Pahlevani and zoorkhanei ritual (the name UNESCO assigned to the martial art) is a traditional Iranian martial art.

The purpose of this martial art is to train warriors to fight foreign invaders. Varzesh-e bastani is similar to Korean, Japanese, and Chinese martial arts. However, through the years, it gained the moral, ethical, philosophical, and mystical component of the Iranian Civilization. This martial art is a combination of calisthenics, strength training, and music. UNESCO recognized this as the world's longest-running forms of this kind of training.

The place where Varzesh-e bastani is practiced is called the zurkhaneh. A photo of Ali is always hung on the wall of every zurkhaneh. A Varzesh-e bastani session usually includes weight training and calisthenics, using wooden clubs, called the mil; metal shield, call the sand; and bow-shaped iron weight, called the kabbadeh or Kaman.

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