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Vajra Mushti, which means grasping a thunderbolt in Hindiu, is a martial art with a combination of grappling and striking techniques. Vajra Mushti may also mean the weapon used for this martial art. The weapon is also called Indra-mukti which means Indra's fist.

The weapon is made of ivory, and it looks like a knuckleduster. Vajra Mushti dates back to the 5th century, it is related to the Tibetan martial art called Lion's Roar.

On match day, the heads of the competitors are shaved. They leave a small tuft of hair to which neem leaves are tied, this is for good luck. There is a ritual right before every game. A branch of the neem tree is temporarily planted in the middle of the wrestling pit for the competitors to pray.

Usually the weapon is placed in the right arm next to the waist. Some allowed strikes are to the knees and elbows, takedowns are also allowed. Just like some martial arts, strikes below the waist are not allowed.

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