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Tractor Pulling

Tractor pulling is a motorsport involving modified tractors that pull a weighted sled along a 10 meter wide, 100 meter track.

The winner of the event is the tractor that pulls the weight down the entire track. This is known as a full pull. If more than one competitor pulls the weights down the track, there will be repetitive races with more weight added to the sled. This is known as the pull-off. Weights will continue to be added until a winner emerges.

This motorsport started in the 1970s using US-made big block drag racing engines. Later, tractors began to be modified using scrap military parts such as using a WWII aircraft piston engine in a V12-shape.

tractor pull event tractor pull event

In the beginning competitors pulled either a dead weight or a step-on method which required people stepping onto the sled as it passed. The sled’s used now are modified to add significant drag to a tractor. These sleds use a complex gear system which, when activated, pushes the weights from the rear of the sled up toward the front. This increases the friction and can drag tractors to a halt.

Interesting Fact: Tractor pulling is considered to be the world’s most powerful motorsport. Some tractors in Europe have engines with more than 10000 horsepower.

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