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Tchoukball is a fast-paced indoor hand ball sport, invented by Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann Brandt in the 1960’s. It is governed by Féderation Internationale de Tchoukball, which was founded in the 1970’s.

The sport is played with two rebound frames, these frames are 90 cm2, located at both ends of the court. The size of the court is dependent on the age of the players; the international standard is 40 meters by 40 meters.

To score a point, the ball must be thrown by an attacking player onto the rebound frame and then bounce outside the 'D' without being caught by the defending team.

You can score on both ends with this game, unlike most of the team sports around the world.  There are seven payers per team. This sport is currently played in many countries including, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Philippines and many more.

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