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Ironman Surflifesaving

Ironman surflifesaving is a sport that combines four major aspects of surflifesaving into a single race. The sport originated in Australia where it still remains extremely popular.

A race consist of four legs, three water legs (swimming, board paddling, and kayak ski paddling), and one beach running leg.

The ski leg involves paddling an 18ft kayak around three buoys (similar to beach sprint rowing). The swimming leg requires a swim around 9 colored buoys. For the board leg, athletes are required to paddle a Malibu paddle board on a course setup with four black-and-white lines.

Races are conducted in an alternating water and run leg format. The race starts with a swim (about 400m), ski (about 800m), or board (about 600m), for about 3 to 4 minutes. It is followed by running on the beach around two flag posts, for about 150m.

beach lifesavers racing beach lifesavers racing

The races continue until all three different water legs are completed each followed by a run. The race ends in a finish line, and the athlete to cross it first is declared as the winner.

Ironman surflifesaving competitions are conducted as part of most beach carnivals. Some of the major events for the sport are Australian Ironman Championship, the World Championship, and the Coolangatta Gold.

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