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Ski Cross - Downhill Racing

Ski cross is a sport of the freestyle skiing discipline in which multiple skiers directly race on a specially designed course. The courses used for the sport include natural terrains as well as artificially built features that include big jumps, rollers and high-banked turns.

The equipment used in ski cross is exactly the same as that used for alpine downhill skiing. Competitions are conducted in multiple rounds. The first round is the time-trial elimination round, in which each skier's ride downhill is timed, and 32 fastest skiers are selected for the next round.

skicross racersskicross racers

The next round consist of direct racing in a heats format, in which, four skiers compete in each race, of which the first two qualify for the next race. In direct racing, skiers are disqualified if they make any intentional contact with others. Two skiers are eliminated in multiple successive races until the last four remain for the final race to determine the medal winners.

Ski cross is a part of the Winter Olympic Games, where races are conducted for both men and women. It is also a part of the annual FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup. Ski cross was a part of the Inter X-Games until 2013 after which it was discontinued.

There is a very similar sport in which competitors race on snowboards (Boardercross) or ice skates (Ice Cross Downhill).

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