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Road Skating

Road Skating (or Street Skating) is a sport in which athletes use either inline or roller skates and ride on road courses. It was a recreational activity that led the way for a competitive sport to be derived out of it. The sport is still mostly practiced at a recreational level, but there are also some competitive levels races conducted. Competitive races are similar to that of road cycling races but skating races are of much lower speeds compared to cycling races.

Road Skating RaceRoad Skating Race

The course used for road skating consist mostly of flat and downhill regions. Both individual and team races are conducted for the sport.

Road skating competitions are usually long-distance races. Similar to cycling races, most races are individual races where athletes compete as a part of a team. Athletes in a team work towards reducing the wind-resistance by alternatively taking turns to lead the group. While riding downhill skiers are in a tucked position to reduce drag. Athletes can reach speeds of 60km/h on downhill stretches.

Street skating is a term commonly used for road skating where a group of people ride on city streets as a form of recreation. Friday Night Skate is a popular tradition in many cities in which one Friday a year street skating happens on a highway course.

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