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Vert Skateboarding

Vert skateboarding, short for Vertical skateboarding, can best be described as an acrobatic sport in which athletes riding a skateboard perform various tricks while being airborne. The sport originated from pool riding and became more popular with the creation of purpose-built skate parks. It is an extremely challenging sport which requires a great deal of practice and skill.

Vertical skateboarding is done on skating ramps which has a horizontal region that slowly transitions into a vertical portion. The skateboards used for the sport are setup with 55mm or larger wheels, with wider decks for improved stability. Besides the skateboards, athletes also use other protective gear like helmets and knee guards.

vert skateboarding ramp vert skateboarding ramp

In competitions, each rider takes the ramp individually to perform moves like flips and spins. It common to see riders perform a 360° or 540° spins. Some riders also attempt the insanely difficult 720° spins. Each rider is allocated a fixed amount of time, usually under a minute to complete their routine. The runs are judged based on various factors like difficulty of the moves and landing, and are awarded points. The rider with the most points is the winner.

Vert skateboarding is a part of the annual ESPN X-Games.

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