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Rugby X

Rugby X is a variation of Rugby Union, with just five players in each team rather than the usual 15. This fast-paced shorter version of rugby is more closely related to Rugby 7s. Despite the X in the name, it should not be confused with Rugby Tens which is sometimes known as Xs.

This format was created by Rugby coach Ben Ryan and launched in 2019 with a six team international tournament in London.

players playing fast-paced rugby x fast-paced rugby x

Rugby X is played by teams of five, usually with three forwards and two backs. The game is played on a half-sized pitch (rugby 7s is played on a full-sized pitch), with matches of shorter duration, usually 10 minutes total with no break.

The only way to score is with a try, worth five points (there are no drop goals, conversions or penalties).

Drawn games are resolved in an innovative way. Like a penalty shoot-out, a player from each team match up ‘one on one’, one defending on 5m line and the other 30m from goal with a ball, having 10 seconds to attempt to score.

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