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Walking Rugby

Walking Rugby is a simplified version of rugby union, played at a local, non-competitive level. It was developed to allow older, unfit or injured players to continue to play rugby and improve their fitness. By only allowing play at a walking pace, it reduces the risk of injury while promoting a safe, non-threatening environment.

Walking rugby is a very inclusive version of rugby, allowing everyone to participate regardless of physical fitness, age or previous rugby experience. There are walking versions of football (soccer) and netball.

The main rule of walking rugby is obviously no running - one foot must remain in contact with the ground at any time when in motion. There is no rough contact, similar to touch rugby contact made by two hands on the body of the ball carrier is considered a tackle. There are no mauls, rucks or lineouts. Scoring a try does not require any bending over, simply walking over the line with the ball in hand is enough to score.

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