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Rugby League Sevens

Rugby League Sevens is a variation of Rugby league football but as the name suggests, it has seven players in each team instead of the 13 in the traditional rugby league game (not to be confused with Rugby Sevens — a variation of rugby union). The game is played around the world, though it is particularly popular in Australia, New Zealand and England.

Rugby league sevens is essentially the same as regular rugby league, played on a full rugby league field, though there are some rules changes and the games are also shorter.

Games comprise two halves of seven minutes. The seven players on the field are composed of three forwards, one half and three backs. The game also has smaller scrums, formed from the three forwards on each team, and all kicks for goal are drop kicks.

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The shorter game time makes it suitable to be played by junior teams and in festivals and international tournaments. The major tournament for rugby league sevens was the World Sevens played prior to the beginning of the NRL season in Sydney between 1988 and 2004. Recently, the 9-a-side version is more popular - the NRL Nines tournament.

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