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Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing is a type of rowing performed at sea, also called offshore or open water rowing. Coastal rowing requires wider and more robust boats than those used on rivers and lakes, as rough conditions can often be expected.

The open water conditions add another dimension to traditional rowing that is raced on flat water in lanes. On the open water, the rowers must be aware of the tides and currents, navigation, and must understand maritime traffic rules. When racing the boats you have to interact with the other boats.

There are coastal rowing races held all around the world. In Australia, a popular type of coastal rowing is Surfboat Rowing. There is no standard boat type and size, number of competitors in each boat or racing distances. The seats can be either sliding or fixed.

The standard coastal rowing boats are often classed as singles, doubles and coxed quadruple sculls. Events can range from Beach Sprint Racing and the longer Coastal Challenge Races.

coastal rowing eventcoastal rowing event in Sicily, Italy

The African Beach Games includes a coastal rowing event, and there is a push to include coastal rowing events at the Olympics, to replace the weight-limited lightweight rowing events.

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