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Roundnet (a.k.a. Spikeball)

The sport of roundnet (also known as spikeball after the company making roundnet equipment), is a combination of beach volleyball and a schoolyard handball sport. The sport is played by hitting a ball with the hand down onto a small round trampoline-like net placed horizontally. The sport can be played anywhere, often on the beach which enables spectacular diving as part of the rallies.

Two teams comprising two players each, start on opposite sides of the net. The game starts by one player tossing the ball into the air and spiking it down onto the net. The opposite team has up to three touches with players alternating hitting the ball (like in volleyball) to spike it back down onto the net. Each time the ball hits the net possession changes to the other team. The object of the sport is to hit the ball onto the net in such a way so that the opposition is not able to return it.

Once the ball is served, the players are able to move anywhere around the net (there is no sides). Players can hit the ball in any direction, as hard or as soft as they like. The ball must be hit with one hand only. It also cannot be lifted, caught or thrown. The ball can also be hit by any part of the body, but that counts as a hit and it therefore cannot be hit again by the same player.

roundnet by spikeballroundnet by spikeball

If the ball lands on the ground or hits the rim of the net, the rally is over and the opposing team wins the point. Games are usually played to 21.

The sport is usally played by two teams of two, but there are also two- and six-player variants.

This is a new sport that is rapidly gaining popularity. There are national championships held in several countries.

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