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Robot Combat

Combat Robot is a robot sport that involves custom-built robots used in different ways to destroy another robot. The machines are remote controlled and the aim is to disable the opponent’s machine. Robot combat does not fit in the definition of a real sport as it is not a human physical activity, but is included on this list of sports due to similarities to other fighting sports.

Robot combat gained huge popularity in 1990s and 2000s where popular shows like Robot Wars, Battlebots and Robotica following the spirit of Robot combat were aired. Some events shy away from violence, there are alternatives to these competitions like FIRST and BEST Robotics.

Robot combat events still take place in UK, USA and other countries. Critter Crunch is the oldest robotic combat competitions around the world run by Denver Mad Scientist’s Society that originated in 1987.

Robot battle competition Robot battle competition

Until 2002, robot fights had no standard rules and regulations. So, Robot Fighting League (RFL) was created and robot combat events in U.S, Brazil, Australia and Canada are members of RFL. Whereas Fighting Robot Association (FRA) is followed in Europe Robot fighting events.

While attempting to disable other robot, a competitor can use weaponry like rammer wedge, thwackbot, flipper, clamper, crusher, full body spinner or spinner but some attacking methods are prohibited, such as: radio jamming, high voltage electric discharge, liquids, open combustion, untethered projectiles, lasers above 1 milliwatt, visual obstruction, and halon.

The biggest challenge a robot builder faces is to make sure he can make a power-packed robot using minimum weight. The standard used to measure combat robots is weight. These robots can be as small as a 75-gram “fleawight” class or as large a s a 340-pound “super heavyweight” class.

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