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Ringette - ice hockey with a ring

Ringette is like ice hockey owing to the fact that both the sports are played on an ice surface and have almost same equipment - but the game differs in rules. Ringette is fast-paced and is played with ice skates, a blue rubber ring and a straight stick. It principally requires hockey skates, hockey gloves, helmet and other protective equipment.

ringette player ringette player

There are six players on each team: one centre, two forwards, two defenders, and a goaltender.

The game begins with the visiting team getting possession of the ring in the center circle. The major aim is to score goals by shooting the ring into opponents net. The challenging task is to catch or stab the ring which requires years of training. The trick is to stab through the hole present in the ring while the player is on the move.

The game is now played throughout the USA and in many countries such as Finland, Russia and Switzerland but is still most prevalent in Canada.

Ringette is played mostly by girls, though officially both boys and girls can play. There is no body contact allowed in the game and has many penalties regarding that. There is a Ringette Hall of fame that acknowledges outstanding achievements and contributions to the game.

The first World Ringette Championship was played in 1990 in Canada. The World Championship winning team is awarded the Sam Jacks Cup.

There are other variations of ringette, an indoor court version is called by its initial name, floor hockey, while the more modernized version is called gym ringette.

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