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Powerlifting Deadlifting

Deadlifting is part of the sport of powerlifting which is a strength sport. The other lifts done in powerlifting are squat and bench press.

In deadlifting, the participants lift a loaded barbell off the ground to the hips, and then lower it back to the ground. The term deadlift means the lifting of the dead, meaning without momentum, like weights on the ground. The participants can do two positions when deadlifitng, these are the conventional deadlift and the sumo-deadlift.

Deadlifting can be performed using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and the participants can use one or two hands, and can also use one leg or two legs. Other deadlifting variations are the side deadlift or suitcase deadlift, rack pulls, deadlift lockouts, and the deficit deadlift or deadlift from a box.

gym exercisethe deadlift exercise

The world record for a raw deadlift is 460.396 kilograms which was done by Benedikt Magnusson. The world record for an equipped deadlift is 457.5 kilograms which was done by Andy Bolton.

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