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Snow Polo

Snow Polo is a version of polo which is exactly identical to that of polo, where players play the game on horsebacks, with the only difference being the surface on which games are played, which are ice surfaces; typically frozen lakes, rather than grass surfaces used for regular polo. The sport originated in Europe several decades ago. It is considered as an extreme and in certain contexts a crazy sport as well.

The field used for snow polo is the exact same size as that used for regular polo. There is a goal post on both ends of the field. Players use mallet like sticks similar to those used for polo. The ball used for snow polo is slightly bigger that the balls used for polo, and is colored to aid in visibility. The horses are fitted with specially designed grips on their feet to help with stability while on ice, and help improve the safety of the animal and the rider.

A match is played between two four-player teams, with the exact same rules as that of polo. The Snow Polo World Cup is the most notable tournament conducted for the sport. The most recent one was held on Jan 2016.

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