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Pelota Mixteca

Pelota Mixteca is known to have been played thousands of years ago and the current version is believed to be a modified version of that ancient game. It is a very similar version of tennis game without a net. The players of Pelota Mixteca wear decorated gloves to strike a small yet solid ball. The members of each team consisting of five players take their positions. The ball is made to bounce on a flat stone at first and then as it rebounds, it is struck. It uses a scoring system similar to a tennis.

The gloves that are studded with nails weigh around 3-6 kg. The ball was previously made of wool but now many different materials are used in its composition.

In one version of the game, a ball of rubber is used with a stocking thread rolled over it. The ball weighs around 330 grams. In another version, the ball weighs around 900 grams. In a version of this game, the ball used is around 1 kg and is made of plastic. While some versions of the game use a 100 gram sponge ball.

The players of Pelota Mixteca wear decorated glovesThe players of Pelota Mixteca wear decorated gloves

The game is known to be evolved from a thousands of years old Mesoamerican Ballgame. There are many contradictions regarding the exact origin of the game.

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