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Patball is a ball game played with hands or head for hitting the ball against a wall. The main aim is to get the succeeding player out. The game is most commonly played in schools during break time. Patball is played with tennis ball or a special Patball. It does not require any racquet or bat.

In order to pat the ball, a hand is used to ensure the ball does not return. Foot can also be used in some variations of Patball. It is widely popular in London amongst teenagers. The origins of the game are yet not known to anyone.

It is played amongst two players most commonly but if there is no restriction of space, multiple players can also play the game. It is usually played against walls of different widths.

The main aim is to not make it possible for the opponent to return the shot by using hands to hit the ball against the wall. If the opponent fails to return the shot, then it results in loss of a life or the opponent is out.
Aces, Kingpin and Single Dingles are recent variants of Patball. Aces requires a special court and four players while Kingpin requires three to eight players. Single Dingles is played with two players and is quite similar to Kingpin.

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