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Oină is a traditional team sport played Romania which has similarities to baseball. The sport is extensively played only in Romania, and also has a minor presence in Moldova.

The field used is rectangular in shape measuring 70 X 32m. The field is split into three zones, a batting zone 5m long, the game zone 60m long, and the back zone 5m long, all of which extends across the width of the field.

The sport is played between two team with 11 players per side. The bat used is similar in shape to a baseball bat, but is longer and slimmer. The ball used is similar to that of baseball.

In a match, one team does batting and the other team does the pitching and catching for the first half, and the teams switch roles for the second half.  The batting team can score points in an exhaustive list of plays, some of which are, 2 points if the ball falls in the back zone, 2 points if the ball goes out-of-bounds off a catching team player's hand, and 1 point if the ball crosses the 60m line. The catching team can also score points by throwing the ball at players running the lanes.

At the end of both the innings the team with the most runs wins the match. A match usually lasts only for about 30 minutes.

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