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Letterboxing is an outdoor game that is a combination of orienteering, art, and puzzle solbing. Letterboxing was developed in England in the 1850’s. The participants of the game hide small, weatherproof boxes in accessible places and distribute clues in printed materials in order to find the boxes. Individual letterboxes contain notebooks and rubber stamps.

The ones who can find the letterboxed will make an imprint of the letterbox’s stamp in their personal notebook. This is proof that they have found the box, and so that other letterboxers will know who visited. The letterboxers organize events from time to time; they call this meets or gatherings. The first meet was held in Dartmoor.

Today, they are held twice a year on clock change days which is in March and October. Meets in the United States are usually in parks. Types of letterboxes are traditional box, mystery box, bonus box, word of mouth box, cuckoo clue, hitchhiker, and personal traveler.

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